The 6 Best Brain Foods To Eat As You Age

6. Arugula

Arugula stands out amongst leafy green vegetables for its rich concentration of powerful nutrients. It packs up a mighty concentration of nitrates, essential compounds that raise the blood flow received by the brain by causing the blood vessels to dilate.

Research reveals that if the brain doesn’t get sufficient blood flow, it fails to get enough oxygen, which can lead to cell death.

The regular consumption of arugula will not only keep your brain sufficiently oxygenated, but also, it will normalize your blood pressure levels.

A recent study revealed that individuals who consume one or two servings of leafy greens regularly boosted the cognitive abilities of an individual 11 years younger as compared to individuals who didn’t eat leafy greens at all.

Be sure to consume at least 1 cup of cooked arugula, you can add it as an appetizer or a salad, or even create an entire meal.

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