The 6 Best Brain Foods To Eat As You Age

2. Egg Yolks

Most people tend to discard the yolk because of its cholesterol concentration, but it is actually immensely healthy, it packs up a powerfully rich concentration of choline, a B-complex vitamin that aids in fortifying the health of the brain.

Research reveals that choline is converted into an essential neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which allows the brain cells to communicate efficiently along with boosting and preserving the memory. Furthermore, studies highlight that an increased consumption of choline aids in enhancing cognitive functioning, particularly the memory.

Be sure to consume at least 1 egg every day.

3. Olive Oil

Adding a little bit of olive oil to your daily meals, such as grilled meats and salads, can help shield your brain against the age-related brain tissue loss and damage. A recent study revealed that consuming extra-virgin olive oil can protect the brain by safeguarding memory and shielding the ability to learn, along with lowering the production of amyloid-beta plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, which are the two markers of Alzheimer’s disease.

Even though researchers are still ambiguous about the exact mechanism that helps olive oil deliver these benefits but research indicates that it contains a powerful antioxidant, oleocanthal, which fortifies the health of the brain.

Be sure to consume at least one-tablespoon of olive oil daily for beneficial results.

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