9 Foods that Have More Vitamin C Than Oranges

On the off chance that you chug a glass of squeezed orange each time you begin sneezing, you might be onto something. Vitamin C is a basic supplement required by the body for the advancement and upkeep of scar tissue, veins, and ligament. Vitamin C is likewise essential for making ATP, peptide hormones, dopamine, and tyrosine. As a capable cell reinforcement, vitamin C decreases oxidative worry to the body and is thought to lower tumor growth chance.

Unavoidably, whenever Vitamin c is discussed, oranges pop in one’s mind. In any case, in spite of the notoriety of oranges for being stacked with vitamin C, the 70 mg that a medium orange gives is in reality not as much as numerous other basic products of the soil.

Surprise yourself by discovering these 9 foods that contain more Vitamin C than the orange.

1. Strawberries

The Environmental Working Group simply positioned traditional strawberries as the #1 most pesticide-loaded fruit, simply make certain to purchase a natural assortment. There is no denial in a fact that strawberries are famous fruit with large health benefits.

Strawberries, per cup carry 85mg of Vitamin C. Moreover, it also contains manganese which is very good for those suffering from glucose issues.

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