6 Healthy Foods As Sweet As Candy

6. Hot Cocoa

Natural cocoa powder is an extremely health staple to store in your kitchen pantry for it packs up a rich concentration of flavonoids, powerful antioxidant that aid in boosting the health of the heart, reducing the risk factors that lead to heart strokes and cutting down blood pressure levels.

One tablespoon of natural cocoa powder is all you need to pack up 2 grams of fiber at the cost of no more than 12 calories.

However, be sure to pick out natural cocoa powder to reap these nutritional benefits because alkalized cocoa powder does more harm than good. The process of alkalization eliminates some of the bitterness present in cocoa and improves its colour and solubility, however, it destroys and changes many of its beneficial nutritional concentrations and protective phytonutrients.

Be sure to scan the ingredients label for words such as Dutch-processed, alkali, alkalized or European-style, for these are the labels you need to avoid. If the cocoa powder is not alkalized, the label will say natural or nonalkalized.

Fix yourself a low-calorie sweet treat that packs up heaps of protein and calcium by mixing some cocoa powder with skimmed milk, almond milk or even soy milk.

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