6 Healthy Foods As Sweet As Candy

4. Dark Chocolate

Here’s some good news for chocolate addicts: dark chocolate is your ultimate saving grace and the answer to all your sugar cravings with a healthy punch of powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Research reveals that dark chocolate is immensely healthy for it aids in cutting down the risk factors that lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, along with reducing blood pressure levels.

The regular consumption of dark chocolate also aids in reducing stress hormones amongst people suffering from anxiety. However, in order to reap all these health benefits, you must pick out dark chocolate that contains at least 70% or more cocoa concentration.

Also, limit your consumption to mindful bite-size pieces that are no more than on ounce. Even though it reaps up heaps of benefits, dark chocolate also packs up 150 calories in every ounce, so be sure to eat moderately.

5. Almonds Sprinkled with Cocoa Powder

Instead of gorging down heaps of peanut M&Ms or bars of Snickers, treat yourself to sweet and salty combination of a crunchy snack consisting of almonds, sprinkled with cocoa powder to slash away all the fat and calories, and give your body a powerful fix of nutrients. You can even pick out Emerald Cocoa Roasted Almonds, which provide 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber with a quarter cup serving at the cost of no more than 150 calories.

It’s always beneficial to make your own homemade variety in order to reap all the benefits heart-healthy almonds have to offer, such as reducing the harmful LDL cholesterol and fortifying the strength of the heart.

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