The 20 Highest Protein Veggies (And Other Plant-Based Foods) You Can Eat

18. Organic Tempeh

Protein: 116 g per 3 oz. serving

Tempeh is cooked by fermenting cooked soybeans that are shaped into a dense cake. This can be sliced or pan fried like tofu.

Since it is fermented, it is easier to digest and also provides a good amount of carbs. Having a rich and bold flavor, this tempeh is a perfect organic meal. You can enjoy it in other ways like tempeh meatballs etc.

19. Broccoli

Protein: 2 g per ½ cup serving (cooked)

Broccoli is one of the edible green plants in the cabbage family. Its flowering head part is eaten as a vegetable. Broccoli has a variety of medical and nutritional benefits. It is not only an amazing source of fiber and carbs but it has a rich amount of proteins. One of the biggest medical benefits of broccoli is that it contains cancer-fighting compounds like sulforaphane. You can eat broccoli cheese chowder, broccoli with cannellini bean & cheddar soup and most of all broccoli peanut salad, which is a great combination of two highly protein packed veggies.

20. Organic Tofu

Protein: 8 to 15 g per oz. serving

This vegetarian food is made of curdled soy milk and tastes amazing, either it is pan fried, sautéed in a stir fry or even when scrambled. Though tofu does not contain as much proteins as tempeh does, still it tastes way better. Again, you should be careful and choose organic varieties so you can avoid genetically modified soy and the pesticides.

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